About us

a little more about who we are and what we do


Our highest priority at Connect Effect.ie is relationship building with members, supporting agencies and the community.

Trust is established through extensive group work each week. There is a high level of trust and referrals being generated within the group and we intend to maintain this by attracting Business owners who areS orientated around giving first and receiving later.

This group work is central in giving the business owner a forum where information gathered through brainstorming and various exercises can be used in a structured way in their business.

There is a great emphasis on atmosphere and energy and creating the right environment for our members to grow.

With the support of the group motivation, accountability, clarity, focus, time management, processing are all greatly heightened.

In the midst of a recession we work mostly outside the box to change the business owners perspective, attitudes, behaviors and feelings around what is presented to them in terms of customers and the market place they find themselves in.


  • Build your business through referrals.
  • Benefit from huge diversity of business experience.
  • Enhancement of your business profile.
  • Presentation skills and training.
  • Build testimonials for your business.
  • Free Professional advice between members.


Please join us for free as a guest and experience what we can deliver in terms of altering your current Business experience.

Wednesday morning at 8 am – Venue Unit 10B, Cleaboy Business Park, Waterford, Ireland.