• Plan and run meetings to the agreed agenda.
  • Organize and preside over committee meetings.
  • Acting as spokesperson for the network.
  • Assisting with the managerial direction of the network.

Vice Chair

  • Substitute in place of the Chairman- assume all Chairman roles in his/her absence.


  • Keeping an overview of the finances.
  • Provide financial reports to the committee as required.
  • Collect, record and manage membership fees.
  • Making sure the network has the right financial policies and procedures in place.

Membership Coordinator

  • Welcome visitors (and ensure members welcome/address their guests).
  • Introduce the network, purpose and application forms.
  • Provide a go-to-point for visitor queries.

Committee members

  • Ensure the terms & conditions are adhered to.
  • Review concerns if a visitor in any way conflicts with their classification.
  • Review/change terms & conditions as required.
  • Review membership if a member is absent on a continuous basis (2 times + per month).